The best for the best ones

We are here to take care, all-year-round of the ice-hockey talents. We provide the players with a complete service, we develop not only the ice-hockey qualities, but also self-confidence and character of players. We bring about individual approach as well as long-standing professional experience, which comes down primarily to the founder of the school, Oto Haščák.

The Ice-Hockey academy POWERPLAYERS is here for all players who wish to improve beyond or within their own clubs. We focus on individual trainings, and work in small groups, because based on experience this process yields the best results.

The Academy is open not just for players from all over Slovakia but also for players from other countries and is based in Trenčín. Trainings are held mainly at the Marián Gáborík stadium, but upon request we can come to see players personally to their city. The Academy is intended for players aged from 6 to 18 years old.

One of the academy´s specialties is so-called „player´s card“, which we have like no other academy generated for each of our players. It is a profile including records from all Games, Analysis and Reports that are consulted with professional NHL scouts and many other useful informations. The hottest news is our co-operation with one of the best skill coaches in the world Adam Nicholas who is coaching players like Patrik Kane, Jonathan Toews, Jack Eichel and many others.

Few words about the founder

Oto Hačšák has already led the Ice-Hockey Academy POWERPLAYERS for two years in the past. Its activities were later suspended so that it could come back with full power now.

Oto used to play ice-hockey actively from 1983 until 2000. He started in the Czechoslovak Federal League and later played in different clubs in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Czech Republic. Over the course of his career he attended three Olympic Games and three World Championships. He finished the active career in Dukla Trenčín, where he later worked as the general manager.
He is also known as a European talents scout for NHL clubs. He has worked for Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings and currently works for the New York Rangers organisation. He played a role in drafting players such as David Krejčí, Phil Kessel, Drew Doughty and Milan Lučič. Experience with these things has also his son Marek who works as a scout for New York Islanders.

The most successful graduates of the academy

  • Marko Daňo - NHL - Winnipeg Jets
  • Martin Nemčík - ECHL - Wichita Thunder
  • Miro Habšuda - Slovak Tipsport League - HKM Zvolen
  • Ondrej Krajňák - NCAA - Skidmore College
  • Martin Krajňák - Czech Tipsport Extra League - HC Dynamo Pardubice
  • Matúš Holenda - Slovak Tipsport League - Dukla Trenčín
  • Filip Ondruš - Tipsport League - MsHK DOXXbet Zilina