The Academy gives its players a standard services package as well as individual services which are not only for the academy players, but also for the others. Normally a player pays a fee for which he receives all standard services. If he wishes, he can individually order other supplementary services.

Extra služby

Extra services for an extra fee

In addition to the fee the players and others can at any time purchase the following services:

Consulting / counselling – 100 € / hour

The price is also relevant for the players who are not the academy school-boys but wish to use the counselling services. Counselling will offer general opinions of the academy mentors on the player´s current performance and career prospects. Time and place of a meeting will be mutually agreed with the player or his parents.

Group trainings– 15 € / person

Trainings take place in case there are minimum 4 and maximum of 10 players. They are focused on development of maximum endurance and explosive power, coordination, stability, as well as aerobic and anaerobic capabilities of the player.

Diagnostics of science – 30 € / hour.

It is the most modern and at the same time necessary component in the training process. It provides us and the player with information about the current level of his preparedness. We use modern appliances such as ((Fitro Jumper, Fitro Agility, Fitro Tapping, Fitro Dyne etc.) for such diagnostics.

Complex strength and fitness training – 120 € / hour.

Summer group preparation in the months of May, June, July and August. One week cycle consists of 8 to 10 training sessions at the M. Gáborík stadium in Trenčín.

Rehabilitations during and after injuries – 20 € / examination

Rehabilitations are carried out by an experienced physiotherapist Branislav Prokop.

Expert medical consultations about the health condition during and after injuries out of the city of Trenčín – 20 € / examination

Consultations are provided by MUDr. Bočkay.

Expert medical counselling in case of a surgery - price can be negotiated

Counselling is provided by MUDr. Ivan Jakubec, Csc. He is available to the players in the Private orthopaedic-traumatology sanatorium in Martin.

Transport out of Trenčín – 0,40 € / km

If a coach or a camera-man has to travel to a training or a game out of Trenčín, the player will be charged a one-time fee in the amount equivalent to the number of kilometres for the journey there and back.

Academy consultation hours


10:00 to 11:00 and 15:00 to 16:00


+421 (0)915 424 484 - Marek Haščák

+421 (0)915 424 484 - Oto Haščák