Personal consulting / counselling - 100 E

Counselling will offer general opinions of the academy mentors on the player´s current performance and career prospects.

Watching the player perform in a game and sending a follow-up evaluation via e-mail - 50 E

After speaking with the player we will point out a game from which an evaluation, a so-called report will result. The evaluation includes comparisons of all reviewed game motions such as skating, hockey thinking, shooting, handcraft etc. (in a relevant age category).

Recording the player in the game and creating a video analysis - 70 E

Visual processing of the game in the form of a video lesson followed by an individual assessment of the game or sending the analysis to the player´s e-mail.

We can also create a player´s assessment based on a video which you can send us.

Individual training on the ice- 30 E ( 1 hour )

Individual training focuses on practical demonstration of game motions of the individual: Developing coordination capabilities, carying the puck in movement, covering the puck, right way how to finish check, shooting drills from various positions. Training times will always be announced one month in advance on the academy website. Training times will be specified after mutually agreed.

Special individual training - 15 E ( 1 hour )

Trainings take place off the ice. They help the player improve his handcraft and different types and ways of work not only with the puck. They include session with a tennis ball and other special tools, and shooting at the goal from a hard surface. Training times will always be announced one month in advance on our website.

Powerlifting - 10 E ( 1 hour )

The training´s focus is on proper posture and healthy spine development as well as the compensation of unilateral ( one-sided ) load. Development of the lower limbs´ bouncing skills. The right technique of the snatch, clean, jerk and squat. The right format of the exercise reduces the risk of injuries. Thus making it possible to dedicate to main activities of the athlete ( sportsperson ).

Individual session in a gym / weight-room - 10 E ( 1 hour )

Training focuses individually on development of maximum endurance and explosive power, coordination, stability, as well as aerobic and anaerobic capabilities of the player. Training times will be specified after mutually agreed.